Monday, March 13, 2006


There was this one episode of Coach where I think Coach and Luther and Dauber went to Las Vegas for some reason. I don’t remember why they went there, but it probably had something to do with football, maybe a game or a conference or something. Anyway, I think Coach also brought along his wife or girlfriend or fiancé (the one with the wavy hair) but she totally didn’t want him to gamble for some ambiguously feminine reason. This created some hilarity because Coach probably totally liked gambling and was trying to come up with screwball ways to gamble without getting caught by his wife/girlfriend.

Probably there was some part where Coach gave his money to Dauber and told him to put it on black and Coach thought it didn’t count as gambling because Dauber was actually the one doing it. After that, Dauber probably did something dumb and screwed up the gambling and Coach lost more money than he would have if he had just gambled himself. Then, Dauber probably delivered a good one-liner that demonstrated the fact that he is kind of dumb.

I think Luther did some sort of eccentric stuff like walked around in a funny suit and accidentally got involved with the mob.


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