Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hot Tub

A lot of times, Coach would find himself in hilarious situations all because of a few misunderstandings between the characters on the show. I remember one episode of Coach where Coach and his wife/girlfriend and someone else (Luther, Dauber, or maybe both, I don’t really remember) were out in some like condo or cabin in the woods or something and this place had a hot tub in the back yard and it was snowing or had recently snowed so it was hell of cold outside. Anyway, Coach was upset about something (probably related to football) and he was totally stressed and couldn’t relax, so Coach’s wife/girlfriend suggested he go get in the hot tub to relax. So Coach went out to the hot tub when it was freezing cold outside and got in and relaxed. Then, I think, everyone else had to leave for a couple hours (I forget why) and when the wife/girlfriend told Luther or Dauber to lock the door, he accidentally closed and locked the BACK door, not knowing that Coach was out there in the hot tub.

You can imagine the hilarity that ensued when they returned after several hours and found Coach still in the hot tub, where he had had to stay the whole time since he had been locked out. Man, Coach sure was mad.

I don’t remember what happened after that, but I’m pretty sure the problems were all resolved by the end of the episode.


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