Monday, July 24, 2006

The Off-Season

Apologies for the posting delay; I’ve been in and out of town the last couple weeks. This should bring us back to our regular schedule.

I can’t seem to remember what happened on Coach during the football off-season. I mean, the college football season is really only like, three and a half months long. Actual football coaches probably spend the other ¾ of the year doing like, recruiting and practicing and coming up with plays and stuff, but Coach probably spent that time just screwing around with Luther and probably agreeing to be in celebrity date auctions as a favor to Christine or his daughter or something.

I guess when it wasn’t football season Coach was less about the life of a football coach and more about the life of a tall misogynist and his zany friends. Actually, that sounds like an awesome show. I wonder if Coach would have been on the air longer if there hadn’t been as many football-themed episodes.

Probably not.


Blogger Rory said...

"a tall misogynist and his zany friends"

like Seinfeld! Your blog makes me laugh so hard that I spit up coca-cola.. note that I haven't drank coca-cola in over 4 months.


7/27/2006 10:29 PM  
Blogger Chuck said...

Thanks Rory, I'm glad you like the blog, and thanks for the link from your site.

8/02/2006 10:06 AM  

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