Monday, May 08, 2006

The Other Door

So, most of the time during an episode of Coach we would see Coach in his office. People would usually enter the office from a door that was sort of in the middle of the wall perpendicular to Coach’s desk. However, there was another door that was on the wall parallel to Coach’s desk (kind of off to the left). I don’t know where that door went. I remember all sorts of people coming out of that door, but never people outside the Minnesota State football program. Like, Luther or Dauber (or both) would come out of that door all the time, and I think maybe players would as well, and I seem to remember the Athletic Director coming out of the door, but you’d never see Christine or Coach’s daughter or that basketball Coach that Dauber had a thing for come through the door. These people always entered through the main, regular door.

The thing that is bugging me is that I remember one time Coach went through the side-door and it was like some sort of empty meeting room thing to draw out plays in. Maybe there was like a chalkboard or something. I think the team had their pre-game conference in there. So what the hell were all of those people doing coming through that door? What the hell?

My best guess is that Luther and Dauber didn’t actually have an office, so they spent all their time in that other room, probably just coming up with zany things to run in and yell at Coach in a way that was confusing upon delivery but that obviously held some other soon to be explained meaning. That way, they’d come in and say: “Hayden, we’ve got to blah blah blah…” where the blah blah blah was some sort of non-sequitur sentence that made the audience laugh and then Coach would deliver some flippant one liner (probably insulting Luther and/or Dauber’s masculinity) and the audience would laugh at this too. Then Luther would explain what they were actually talking about. This would help progress the plot of the show probably.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten about that other door, but seeing it mentioned here reminds me how unsettling it was in it's indeterminacy.

10/19/2006 12:23 AM  

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