Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coach's Position

What the hell position in football did Coach play before his coaching days? I cannot remember even the slightest hint of a suggestion as to what position he played. I mean, clearly, he must have played football in college or else he probably wouldn’t have been a football Coach at a big school like Minnesota State. But seriously, I have no idea what position it was.

Okay, I’m sure we can figure this out.

Coach was way too lanky and (probably) slow to have been a defensive back, wide receiver, or running back. Similarly, he probably wouldn’t have made a very good safety. I mean, Coach just doesn’t seem like a very quick guy. By the same token, I think we can all but eliminate quarter back, though certainly he was a leader on the field wherever he played. Even though he was tall, he didn’t quite seem to have the heft to have been on either the offensive or defensive line. That basically narrows it down to either a tight-end or a line-backer. I think probably he was a line-backer. He probably made some big hits in his day and probably also really motivated the defense.

I bet that people always said it was an honor to be on the same field as Coach.


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