Friday, April 14, 2006

Every Dog Has His Day

So, usually, Coach episodes focused on the character of Coach and his problems with football and relationships and zany situations. However, every so often, some of the more peripheral characters would get a chance to shine.

I remember one episode where Luther got a dog and he totally loved the dog and took it everywhere. I think probably this caused problems because Coach hated dogs. This was a hard decision for the writers to make probably because everything about Coach's personality suggests that he would love dogs, but if he actually liked Luther's dog then there couldn't have been all sorts of hilarious situations where Coach got mad at Luther for having his dog in the office or maybe there was dog slobber all over the footballs or something else. So maybe Coach just didn’t like Luther’s dog; I think that was probably it. Probably as an added joke Luther named the dog Haden.

Anyway, I don’t remember why, but for some reason Luther’s dog got detained and sent to the pound and was going to be put to sleep. I think, maybe, it had supposedly bitten someone, which was funny because every time you saw the dog it was just like, sleeping or sitting in one place or some other lazy dog behavior. It was hell of ironic. But I remember on the night before the dog was going to be put to sleep Luther came to the pound and sat outside the dog’s cage and they shared an order of French Fries covered in ketchup. It was actually a really sad scene I think, especially if you like dogs. Man, I’m getting sad just thinking about it.

At the end, for no explicable reason, the dog was allowed to live. I think probably Coach had something to do with the dog being saved, even though he did it somewhat begrudgingly, I’m pretty sure.


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