Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I think there was this one episode of Coach where Luther got totally sunburned. I think maybe the episode begins in Coach’s office and Coach and Dauber are talking about something football related and maybe they’re supposed to have a meeting or something but Luther’s not there. So then Dauber is all, “Hey Coach, where’s Luther?” and Coach is like “I don’t know, he said something about going tanning.” And then Dauber is like “Tanning?” and then Coach gives some response about how maybe Luther’s wife or girlfriend or something (I don’t remember if Luther was married) wanted him to try it out before their trip to some beach place.

Then, I think, Luther came in to the office and was just totally sunburned. And the audience laughed for over a minute and the camera just kept cutting between different angles while Coach and Dauber pretended to be speechless waiting for the laugher to stop.

I think that throughout the episode all sorts of hilarious hijinx happened to Luther, like maybe he had a hard time sitting down or maybe some unknowing football guy slapped him really hard on the back because he hadn’t seem him in so long.

I’m pretty sure he had a hilarious tan line around his eyes.


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