Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year!

The Coach Blog would like to wish a very happy New Year to all of you. Even if I don't know you, I hope that your new year is happy.

I have been racking my brain trying to remember if there was ever an episode of Coach that took place during the holiday season. I have a very vague memory of Luther dressing up like Santa Claus, but that might just as well be a fake memory I invented.

I wonder what Coach was like during the holidays. I can't remember if he was like, maybe all jolly or else totally a jerk and always talked about how he didn't like Christmas (I assume he was Christian, though he probably didn't take it too seriously, at least not enough to alienate any viewers). I think maybe he even went on some monologue about why he doesn't like Christmas and then Kelly was like: "Daddy, Christmas is a time blah blah blah," and then Coach made some joke afterwards. Like, "I thought Christmas was a time for [spending money or something]". Then the audience laughed, but not really because they agreed about the frivolity/commercialization of Christmas so much as the joke was well timed and took advantage of parallel construction.

I think then probably Coach learned a lesson about the meaning of Christmas or something.


Blogger H,H,&Sp said...

Almost another New Year Coming up now.For the Year of the pig.
I remember there was this show called thee Coach in New Zealand, and it is important because we have lots of sports and coaches here.But I have been allowing myself simultaneous online coaches.I joined up a success university course, a Rich Jerk course,a wealthy affiliates course and there are several others.
But any way, if we are open, everyone is som,eone we can learn from.I think this is the message of the Coach TV show.Certainly low key and slipped below the Radar.I am glad someone is doing a blog on it.

2/10/2007 12:49 PM  
Blogger Autumn Palen said...

have you ever thought about talking about other stuff besides your obsessive life of coach?no offense or anything...just wondering.

2/10/2007 8:12 PM  
Blogger Chuck said...

Not on this blog, autumn, not on this blog.

2/11/2007 12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the funniest blog I have ever read.

2/12/2007 5:45 PM  

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