Friday, September 15, 2006

Christine's Job

I'm pretty sure that Christine was a newscaster for the local news in the part of Minnesota that she and Coach lived in. I think this made for some serious tension because she was obviously a driven woman who took pride in her career, but she was also married/engaged to a football coach who was completely sexist.

I think there was probably an episode where Christine broke some big news story and everyone was congratulating her and then Coach meant to congratulate her but ended up saying something sexist. And of course, Christine was totally upset and probably for the rest of the episode kept making sarcastic comments that mirrored the derogatory thing Coach had said. And Coach, I think, kept trying to come up with ways to apologize that instead kept making things worse. This was probably hilarious.

Eventually, at the end, Coach probably gave a big monologue about how he knows he's a big dumb football coach who doesn't speak eloquently, but that all that matters is that he loves her.

Even though this would be an insufficient apology for most people, I'm pretty sure Christine accepted it as though it had been good. Then she made a joke right before the credits started.