Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dauber's Task

I seem to remember an episode of Coach where, throughout the episode, Dauber was continuously doing something really atypical for a big oafy jock to be doing. I can't remember what this was, exactly; I think maybe he had to carry an egg around and pretend it was a baby or something. Regardless, I think this hilarious situation/constraint Dauber was in was used to elicit laughter during otherwise normal conversations on the show. Like, maybe, Coach would be all "blah blah Dauber we have to go over [some football thing] tonight". And Dauber would respond "sure thing Coach". And then Coach would totally give a deadpan "that is of course unless you have to [something related to whatever the weird thing he was doing was]." Then Dauber would respond "Oh, no, don't worry Coach... I already [did whatever that thing was] this morning." The unexpected second clause of that sentence more than likely resulted in hilarity.

Then maybe at some other point in the episode, Dauber would be leaving to do something related to his weird task just as Luther was coming in to Coach's office. Then Luther would be all: "Where's he going?" And Coach would say: "He's got to [do something weird relating to whatever the hell he's been doing all episode]." And Luther would, hilariously, just take this in stride.

Man, regardless of how they did on the football field, Coach certainly hired an incredibly compatible staff.