Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I think that Coach's daughter's name was Kelly; I'm not sure, but I think that sounds right. Kelly, I'm fairly certain, was in her twenties and was totally headstrong and self-confident, so when she met Christine there was probably all kinds of hilarious jealousy and stereotypical passive-aggressive girl fighting. I think, like, they were always polite up front but then they'd make hell of comments implying the other one was really old or young, like maybe they'd be at dinner and they'd be eating some food and Christine would be all: "Oh, the last time I had this was [during some event]," and then Kelly would say, "Oh really? Was that before or after the [some other event that is totally old and vaguely related to Christine's event]?" The audience would laugh at this and during the laughter Christine would regain her composure and then say something like, "No dear, [some other thing implying Kelly is totally young or something]." This probably resulted in cheers from the audience instead of laughter because audiences like it when old people put young people in their place.

Then later there was probably a scene where Coach and Kelly had to talk about it (probably in Coach's office) and Coach said something like "I know she's not your mother, Kelly, but blah blah blah," and then Kelly would say something about how she doesn't want her Dad to be in a bad relationship or she's protective or some other crap and then eventually the conversation would end and they would hug each other because the problem was resolved and then after the hug Kelly would make one more joke to lighten the mood back up.

After this episode I don't think the tension between Kelly and Christine was ever discussed ever again.