Friday, October 27, 2006

The Coach Blog On Your Cellphone

My friend Charlie at 4-INFO has set-up an automated alert system for the Coach Blog. Simply text message: "@coachfx" to 44636 (4-INFO) to receive the most recent Coach Blog post on your cellphone. Once you get a post texted to you, you can then reply "1" to sign up for automatic alerts whenever the Coach Blog is updated. This is awesome.

I can't remember if anyone on Coach had a cellphone. I think maybe there was one episode where Luther had one of those big ridiculous cellphones from the early '90s that he carried around all the time and got all sorts of hilarious calls and wrong numbers on. Like maybe he had a similar number to some celebrity and then maybe that celebrity made a guest appearance at the end and Luther was totally flustered. I don't think this was a real episode, but it might as well have been.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Formal Affair

There was one episode of Coach where Coach and all of his family and friends all had to go to some black-tie formal event. I don't remember what it was for, maybe like a fundraiser for Minnesota State or like some kind charity auction or something. I'm pretty sure there were a ton of jokes about tuxes and how maybe Dauber didn't know how to put on cuff links or maybe he attached his suspenders to his boxers or something like that. Also, I think there was the kind of thing where Coach's daughter entered the scene in some kind of dress that was both traditional and provocative and the audience was all "OOOOOOOOOOO" because she was looking all hot. The mime, on the other hand, I think came in a good five seconds later acting all klutzy and maybe with a bloody nose or something; it was a totally hilarious contrast I think.

Anyway, the biggest jokes of the episode came later when Luther showed up in some sort of hilarious tux. Like maybe it was powder blue and had ruffles and maybe he had like white shoes or something and also the tux was a little too small. This was totally hilarious.

I think Luther also kept mispronouncing the word "cummerbund" as "cumberland" or "cucumber" or something.