Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Coach Blog: Season 2

I apologize for my absence. You will notice a new link to the right. You will also notice that I no longer live in San Francisco. These two facts are heavily related to the severe delay in posting. I have been busy to the point of being unable to reflect on the things from Coach that I don't entirely remember.

In other news, The Coach Blog is now one year old. And so, with this post, we begin a new season of The Coach Blog; one in which the memories get fuzzier, the posts become fewer, and the readership dwindles back to its original size.

I feel like whenever a new season started on Coach, Coach and Luther and Dauber would come back in to the office and briefly summarize whatever the hell they had been doing for the past month(s). This usually consisted of Coach berating Luther for some mistake he had made. I think the castigation was formed with some sort of ambiguous sentence structure so as to allow Luther to protest before it was revealed what had actually happened. Like maybe Coach would be all "That was some trip. I can't believe you [did something embarrassing]." And Luther would be like "come on, Hayden, it was just [something less embarrassing]." And then Coach would counter with "Yeah, [something WAY more embarrassing]." For example, it could be that Luther had spilled his wine on someone and then told Coach that the old woman didn't seem to mind and then maybe the old woman turned out to be the Queen of England or something. This probably got a big laugh and then Luther would sheepishly say something after everyone was done laughing. Then I think some other character would come in to the office and the plot of the show would start.

After that, no one ever mentioned whatever had happened, I think.