Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hot Tub

A lot of times, Coach would find himself in hilarious situations all because of a few misunderstandings between the characters on the show. I remember one episode of Coach where Coach and his wife/girlfriend and someone else (Luther, Dauber, or maybe both, I don’t really remember) were out in some like condo or cabin in the woods or something and this place had a hot tub in the back yard and it was snowing or had recently snowed so it was hell of cold outside. Anyway, Coach was upset about something (probably related to football) and he was totally stressed and couldn’t relax, so Coach’s wife/girlfriend suggested he go get in the hot tub to relax. So Coach went out to the hot tub when it was freezing cold outside and got in and relaxed. Then, I think, everyone else had to leave for a couple hours (I forget why) and when the wife/girlfriend told Luther or Dauber to lock the door, he accidentally closed and locked the BACK door, not knowing that Coach was out there in the hot tub.

You can imagine the hilarity that ensued when they returned after several hours and found Coach still in the hot tub, where he had had to stay the whole time since he had been locked out. Man, Coach sure was mad.

I don’t remember what happened after that, but I’m pretty sure the problems were all resolved by the end of the episode.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Snow Game

Oh man! Remember that episode of Coach when they were playing in a bowl game called, I think, the Patriot Bowl or the Independence Bowl or something, and the quarterback for Coach’s team (Minnesota State) got injured or sick or couldn’t play for some reason? So then there was like this freshman with a lot of heart that Coach put in at quarterback who hadn’t played quarterback since high school.

Basically the whole episode was jokes about how cold it was wherever the game was supposed to be played, (maybe Philadelphia?). Then, at the end, they didn’t even do a football sequence; I think it was just words on the screen explaining the outcome of the game. Coach lost.

Nice work, Coach. Your team sucks in the snow.

Monday, March 13, 2006


There was this one episode of Coach where I think Coach and Luther and Dauber went to Las Vegas for some reason. I don’t remember why they went there, but it probably had something to do with football, maybe a game or a conference or something. Anyway, I think Coach also brought along his wife or girlfriend or fiancé (the one with the wavy hair) but she totally didn’t want him to gamble for some ambiguously feminine reason. This created some hilarity because Coach probably totally liked gambling and was trying to come up with screwball ways to gamble without getting caught by his wife/girlfriend.

Probably there was some part where Coach gave his money to Dauber and told him to put it on black and Coach thought it didn’t count as gambling because Dauber was actually the one doing it. After that, Dauber probably did something dumb and screwed up the gambling and Coach lost more money than he would have if he had just gambled himself. Then, Dauber probably delivered a good one-liner that demonstrated the fact that he is kind of dumb.

I think Luther did some sort of eccentric stuff like walked around in a funny suit and accidentally got involved with the mob.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dauber? Dobber? Dawber?

I do not know how to spell the name of the tall guy with the blond hair and the really low voice. I think he was a former player for Coach and then became his assistant. This is an issue I touched on in the Golf post and I thought I should clear it up before I go any further with this blog. Coach and the others seem to be pronouncing his name: “dah-burr” but I’m not really sure how to spell that. Also, probably, this issue of how to spell his name probably wasn’t talked about a lot on the show.

Actually, there was probably like a running gag where UPS dudes would totally mispronounce his name when they were delivering him a football or some other type of thing. I bet it was all kinds of hilarious mispronunciations like “Rhubarb” or maybe “Doobie”. And I bet his real name was like, Clarence or something non-masculine that he was all ashamed of and that Coach made fun of him for because Coach thought it was a great joke to insult his friends’ masculinity. But not in a mean spirited, ignorant sort of way; more like a “that’s just how I was raised,” old-fashioned sort of way because he was a College football coach.

Anyway, I need to decide how to spell this name. I think I will go with “Dauber,” because “Dobber” seems a little philistine, and “Dawber” a little too affected.

So from now on, that tall guy that was Coach’s assistant, I will spell his name “Dauber”.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Remember that one episode of Coach where Coach and his assistant Luther and the tall guy (Dobber? Dauber? I don't know how to spell it) played like the women's basketball team coaches in golf? And there was hell of pride on the line because Coach was basically a sexist character. And then I think Luther made some trick shot at the end, which was ironic because he had been hell of bad at golf for the whole episode.

Then, I think, Coach like totally screwed up his last putt and had to admit that the women beat him.

I think he learned humility or something.

He remained sexist however.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Hello, this is a blog about the television series Coach starring Craig T. Nelson. I wasn't ever a fan of the show, and I don't remember much about the episodes. However, that will not stop me from writing this blog.

What about that theme song? Remember that? Da da da DAAA DAAAA DAAAA DAAA DAAAAAA, da da da DAAA DAAA DAAA DAAA DAAA, etc.

Man the song may not have been good, but at least it was MEMORABLE.