Friday, November 30, 2007

The Carpet

Props to Mr. R. Anderson for sparking the memory associated with today's post.

So, I think there was an episode of Coach where Luther was over at some dude's fancy apartment. I don't remember who this dude was, maybe an old buddy of Coach's who was totally successful, or maybe it was just someone's apartment like Christine's uncle or whatever. Anyway, for whatever reason everyone left the apartment except Luther. I don't know why Luther wouldn't have left, maybe everyone went to dinner but Luther just wasn't hungry? That doesn't make much sense, it seems like an obvious character trait for Luther would have been just to always have him be hungry. Maybe there were all kinds of jokes at the beginning of the episode because Luther had a stomach ache or sore throat or something that required him to take medicine with hilarious side effects. That's probably what it was, that way Luther wouldn't have had to not be hungry, but he could easily pass up going to dinner. "I'll just lie down on the couch," he probably said when everyone was leaving, shortly after trying to cover up whatever his reaction was to the medicine. The audience found this hilarious I bet.

Anyway, the main focus of the episode I think was that after everyone left, Luther spilled something on the carpet like grape juice. I was tempted to remember him spilling wine, but Luther seems like he wouldn't really drink wine, so I think it was grape juice. Anyway, for basically the remainder of the 26 minutes or whatever Luther was trying to get the stain out, but everything he did only made it worse. Like, probably he wanted to poor club soda all over it but they didn't have club soda in the apartment so he used cola and then when he tried to sop it up with towel or something he ended up just spreading it around. Eventually the people came home and he tried to hide the stain by moving a couch or furniture or something, but I think he couldn't keep this up so he had to admit to what had happened. Since the show had to be resolved, by this point, in like two minutes, whoever owned the carpet probably got really mad and then forgave Luther almost immediately by giving him a semi-patronizing castigation with overtones of friendliness.

I also think there was a dog that Luther was talking to the whole time he was trying to clean the carpet.